Helping you after the sale

concrete-mixer-trainingNot all volumetric mixers are the same. When you buy a mixer from Nation’s Equipment Sales, we offer training packages to help you learn the ropes so you can get started using your equipment right away and be more productive and take care of your equipment with proper usage and a minimal learning curve. You will receive one-on-one instruction and training from our experienced staff in all manner of operation, maintenance and some additional tricks of the trade. If you think you might need assistance with your new purchase, simply inquire at the time of purchase, and  we can offer on-site training or travel to your location. Training packages typically include:

  • Mixer or equipment operation
  • Vehicle, engine and equipment maintenance
  • Techniques to assist with greater productivity
  • Concrete Mix Design
  • Benefit of additives (air entrainment, accelerators, etc.) for your particular application
  • Much more

To find out more about what training is available for your equipment, call (541) 687-5746.